Thursday, 21 March 2019

Written By Lesieli Rm 21

Rainbow's End!

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In the holidays my family and I went to Rainbow's End. When we got there,
there was a long line and we had to wait for ages. When we got to the front
of the line my mum paid our tickets. After  the lady came and put wristbands
on our wrists, we all took a photo with the Rainbow's End people. Finally my
cousin Leighla my mum and me went on the big extreme rides while my little
siblings went to the Kids Kingdom.  

The first ride that my cousin Leighla, mum and I went on was the Stratosphere.
I felt like I was going to die because I had big butterflies in my stomach and I nearly
passed out.
After that all three of us walked down to the Log Flume. It was a massive line
but we still wanted to go on it so we waited and waited. By the time we got to the
front of the line the people were ready for us to go on so we did and started to ride.
When we were riding I saw pirates that were making me laugh, sharks that were
scaring me, camping places, one waterfall and a big water slide which was what
we went down. As we were going down my cousin, mum and I were screaming as
hard as we could. One second later I stopped screaming and smiled at the camera
as it screenshot my face.
Next, we made our way to the roller-coaster but the line was long too so we waited
and waited until we got on the red cart. When we got on, it started to go fast. There
was loop de loops and other cool stuff. There was one where you had to go all the
way down then we stopped and got off.

After that my little cousin Llanell and my other cousin Leighla went to the Invader.
The line was short. We were screaming it was very extreme. After that our whole
family met up in the middle then went home. I felt very happy.

Art Created By Rm17

This is a piece of artwork we did for reading. We read about endangered Takahe and what scientists are doing to help save them.

Written By Rishab Rm 19

Damaging the Ocean
People are polluting the sea by throwing rubbish in the sea.
People throw plastic bags in the sea and the turtles eat the plastic bags
causing the animals to not be able to breathe and then they die.  

Plastic breaks down into small pieces and it’s often seen as food to marine life. Ten thousand whales, birds, seals and turtles die every year because of people throwing plastic bags and other rubbish into the sea.

Written By Gail Rm16

Zoo Ventures

Wednesday 20th February I was really excited because Zoo Ventures was coming to our school. Zoo Ventures came to talk to all the Year 6 and Year 5 students. Zoo Ventures goes to schools to talk about what kind of threatened or endangered animals there are and why they are endangered. Our guide was named Sally. When we got inside the hall she told us the 1 rule was to keep quiet because some of the animals are very sensitive. We all agreed on it and we got to see the animals.

Related imageTortoises

The first animals we saw were the tortoises Gerald and Tortellini. Tortoises can be endangered because of poaching which means that a human catches them and kills them to take 1 part of the animal. Tortoises are Reptiles and they have a large shell to protect them that is usually the part that the Poacher wants. Tortoises are also cold blooded so they need to stay in warm temperatures to stay warm. We each got a turn to hold a tortoise on the mat and pat them.

Next we saw the Chinchillas their names were Orinoco Junior and Orinoco Junior Junior. Chinchillas are one of the animals that can be very sensitive and scared of loud noises so we all made sure to stay really quiet when the Chinchillas came out. Chinchillas are warm blooded so their thick fur keeps the warmth in. Chinchillas have dust baths because if they had water baths their fur would take a long time to dry. We saw chinchillas had dust baths in mountain ash.

Bearded Dragon
Then we saw Mr Schofield who was a bearded dragon. Bearded dragons have lots of prickles on their chin that looks like a beard. When a predator comes around a bearded dragon stands on its two front legs and puffs up its beard to make it look bigger than it really is and most the time it works. We also got to feel Mr Schofield’s scales.

Fire Belly Newt
A fire belly newt has a bright red coloured stomach which in the animal kingdom represents poison. If a predator goes near a fire belly newt it can just show the predator it’s bright red stomach and the predator would know that that is poison and leave.

Blue Tongue lizards
The next animals we saw were blue tongue lizards Bubble Gum and Stefan. Blue tongue lizards are most commonly found in Australia. Blue tongue lizards can stick it’s tongue out to smell the air also Blue tongue lizards can have over 20 eggs at once.

Guinea Pigs 
The last animals we saw were the guinea pigs Snowflake, Princess Snow Pants, Trifle Top, Sargent Squirrel and Kramer.  Each guinea pig had a mat and we took turns holding them. Their fur was very fluffy and very soft. Each guinea pig was given lettuce and if you listened closely you could hear them crunching. Guinea pigs are not endangered though they are actually very common. 

The last thing we did was say goodbye and thank you to Sally. We also got to see the 2 dogs Margo and Badger but Badger had a sore on his foot so we only got to see Margo. On the way out we patted Margo and went to wash our hands.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Samples of Our 'Get NZ Writing'

Knight, protector, chessman, guard.
Old, solid, smooth to touch.
Tiny, creamy brown, symmetrical, peasant.
Carved, security, support.

Hill Phongsai

Disintegrating wick
Grooved, waxy, pale, slender.
Spiral, optical illusion, flammable, light,
Translucent, tremendous and embedded.
Burning, needing oxygen.

Kenneith Maglinao

Terrifying teeth
Extinct, brutal, vicious, fearless.
Ferocious, Latin, Greek, tyrant lizard
Insignificant arms, fierce king
Carnivore, hefty predator.
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Amber-Serene Burnett

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Yellow, Yellow, Everywhere!

Yellow is the colour of a banana skin.
The banana skin is a ripe yellow colour.
The banana skin is like a bright yellow jacket that covers the banana's nude body.
The banana screeched as we striped it’s yellow skin off it’s body.
Yellow is the colour of a boomerang shaped, sweet banana.
Yellow bananas are as sweet as a lollipop.     
By Syrai, Rome and Jules          

Yellow is the colour of a daffodil.
Yellow is the colour of a bright daffodil.
The daffodil is as bright as the sun that shines upon it.
The yellow daffodils stand tall together casting shadows across the ground.
The group of yellow daffodils dance together in the wind, swaying from side to side.
By Jordyn, Tama and Tyee


Thursday, 21 February 2019

Zoo Ventures

What a great introduction to our Term 1 topic Endangered Species!  The Year 5 and 6 students got to meet and pet some weird and wonderful creatures.  This included Gerald and Tortellini the turtles, Mr Schofield the bearded dragon and Orinocco Junior and Orinocco Junior Junior the chinchillas, to name a few.

The students were so engaged and incredibly considerate and nurturing of all the animals, especially the guinea pigs Snowflake, Princess Snowpants, Trifle Top, Sergeant Squirrel and Kramer.